Mr Ranga Iyer

Adviser, Corporate Affairs

A qualified MBA, Mr Ranga Iyer is an Adviser in the areas of Business Strategy and Business Development. He has been an influential voice in the Indian pharmaceutical sector for more than 35 years, where he has worked with both industry trade bodies and government councils on various policy and regulatory issues. Mr Ranga Iyer was the Managing Director of Wyeth India for 10 years during which he oversaw significant growth both in the company’s business and also established Wyeth as one of the progressive companies dedicated to Healthcare in India.

Mr Ranga Iyer’s dedication to consumer safety and empowerment is best illustrated through his tenure as President of Organization of Pharmaceutical Producers of India (OPPI), where he worked with the Indian Government to bring about tough regulations to combat substandard and counterfeit medicines. In recognition of this contribution, World Pharmaceutical Frontiers, a leading UK pharmaceutical magazine, adjudged him as among the top 50 most influential persons in the Global Pharmaceutical Industry.

Mr Ganesh Vithal Kamath

Adviser, R&D & Production

Mr Ganesh Vithal Kamath, a qualified Food Technologist and expert in fisheries, has put a 30-year food industry experience to full utilization in the development of the R&D facility. His dedication has resulted in churning out an excellent gamut of products in Nutritional Supplements and Nutraceuticals arena.

An inspiring mentor and a member of the IDMA’s Neutraceutical committee, he also leads the teams for Food Safety Management and R&D.

Mr Ganesh Kamath is a genius in the nutraceutical sector and has a history of developing formulations at the rate of 3-4 Nutraceutical products each month.

He has great love for cinema and is a passionate actor and a qualified photographer. Mr Ganesh Kamath has acted in several films and web series.